Technology that’s simply ingenious.

Imagine the convenience of online and mobile access to nearly every device in your home. Control Automation Systems, commonly called smart home technology, do just that. These systems are rapidly gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Their state-of-the-art technology allows you to adjust indoor temperatures, turn lights on and off, and monitor your home when you’re awayfrom anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet. At M.R. Electricians, we’re proud installation experts and distributors of the renowned Insteon smart home system. You can rely on our skilled electrical contractors to install the ultimate control automation system that will provide you complete access to your home security, heating, cooling, entertainment, and more, with just the push of a button.

MRE example of Smart Home

You’ll feel like a superhero.

A smart home can protect your family and property, save you money, and give you powers you’ve only dreamed of:

Enhance the safety of your home.
You can’t be home every minute of every day, so let your smart home system watch over your residence. Lock and unlock your doors from afar, control and automate your lights from anywhere, trigger a siren to ring if there’s unwanted motion or entry, and get immediate alerts if doors or windows open unexpectedly. Talk about peace of mind!

Be the brightest bulb in the box. And save a few bucks while you’re at it.
According to the US Energy Administration, lights account for more than 30% of a home’s energy consumption—but they don’t have to. Smart lights can save you money and secure your home by automatically reacting to your daily routines and preferences. You can set your lights to brighten when you want to wake up, turn on when you’re away to make it look like your house is occupied, turn off automatically when you leave the house, and much more.

Don’t sweat your energy bill.
By automatically turning down your thermostat, your A/C unit, or your portable heater when you’re away, you can save some green while you live green and help the planet.

 “Did I close the garage door?” will be a thing of the past.
We’ve all been there. You get to work and wonder if you remembered to close the garage door. Guess what? Your smart home can sense when you’re gone and automatically close up after you. Now that’s a power that would make any superhero envious.

Source: Consumer Technology Association

Home automation that’s just right for you.

M.R. Electricians not only provides professional installation of your smart home system, we help you create the solutions that are tailored to your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle. You can rely on us to make your smart home a smart investment.

Contact us today to transform your home into a haven of comfort, security, and convenience.


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