When it comes to powering your business, we do it all.

There are two ways to install electrical and communications services in your commercial property: overhead and underground. Overhead electrical service consists of an electrical wire attached to a pole which connects to the service attachment on your building. Underground electrical service systems rely on an underground service cable. Both methods have their advantages, but regardless of which you require, you can trust M.R. Electricians to get the job done safely, efficiently, and affordably.

One electrician repairing electric power system from lift bucket

Overhead power lines have their share of benefits.

They’re generally less expensive to install and maintain than underground power cables. And when problems arise, they’re quicker to fix so it reduces downtimes. At M.R. Electricians, our licensed professionals possess extensive experience with constructing, refurbishing, and maintaining overhead power and communications lines for commercial entities throughout the Washington, DC area. We can provide line distribution design, installation, voltage conversions, maintenance of primary and secondary systems, and more. If it’s related to your overhead electrical service, we can do it.

Electrician shoveling dirt in trench

Underground wiring is durable as well as visually appealing.

Underground wiring installation means your wiring is less exposed and less apt to sustain damage or degradation. It doesn’t need require much space as there are no support elements required and its flexible nature means you can install it without encroaching on neighboring properties. It can be costly to replace exterior wiring with underground wiring, so at M.R. Electricians, we always give you the best possible pricing and we provide a free estimate in advance, too.  

Our team of expert, fully trained electricians can handle every part of your underground installation wiring project, from permitting to digging to laying conduit pipes and more. Although underground electrical wiring is quite robust, there may come a time when it requires repairs. You can always rely on our highly-skilled technicians to have your underground wiring repaired and operating safely in no time.

Leave your electrical service needs to the experts.

M.R. Electricians is licensed and certified to install overhead and underground wiring throughout Maryland and Washington, DC. Since 1996, it’s been our privilege to serve area businesses with exceptional service and unsurpassed workmanship. Our technicians have a combined 60+ years of experience, so you can rest assured that your project will always completed on budget, on time, and to your complete satisfaction.

If you need overheard or underground wiring installation or service for your firm, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.


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