Light the way to a greater outdoor experience.

Landscaping is known to heighten curb appeal. And if you’re looking to make an even greater visual impact, outdoor lighting is the way to go. With the right lighting, your home’s exterior becomes a warm and inviting refuge for family and friends. Decks and patios get the use they deserve. Proper lighting can also bolster your security, brightening the path for visitors while deterring burglars from approaching your well-lit property at night. If you’re ready to add some wow to your home's exterior, reach out to M.R. Electricians for an outdoor lighting upgrade. No job is too small or too grand for our skilled team. We’ve been providing top-quality lighting installations in the DC metro area for over two decades, and we’re just getting started.

MRE Outdoor Lighting
Front door lighting

Make a bold first impression.

Transform the look and feel of your property with professionally-installed landscape lighting. Highlight architectural features of your home, garden, or trees. Shine a light on stylish home numbers or a brightly-painted front door. The possibilities are endless. We offer a range of plans, services, and lighting options to enhance your home’s exterior beauty.

MRE illuminated pool

Get creative with your outdoor space.

Illuminated pond life. Cozy al fresco dinners. A game of Marco Polo under a watery blanket of soft light. There are so many opportunities for vibrant outdoor living. Why not get the most out of them? Outside lighting extends your enjoyment of fresh air and nature. Our professional lighting technicians install attractive, functional lighting solutions for backyards, patios, decks, pools, koi ponds, playset areas, and more. If you can dream it, we can likely install it. And we’ll work with you to determine the best ways to make the most out of your home’s exterior living space.

Security camera LED

Amp up your home’s security.

Well-lit homes are safe homes. Most would-be intruders prefer to work in dark and shadowy areas, where they won’t be seen. When you add lighting to your garage, walkways, and front porch, you reduce the number of potential hiding places. A useful and energy-saving option is motion-activated lights. They send out a visual “alert” when movement is detected close to your home. Additionally, a well-lit front door and walkway help you to avoid personal injury and to make it faster and easier to locate your keys. Whatever your lighting security needs may be, our experienced electricians have you covered.

Landscape lighting of walkway

Your home is your private getaway—get more out of it with amazing outdoor lighting.  

M.R. Electricians is proud to provide state-of-the-art landscape and security lighting solutions to thousands of homeowners in the DC metro area.

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