Electrical wiring is the heart of and soul of your home’s electrical system.

As one of the most important and complex parts of any structure, it’s what makes electricity available to all areas of the house. Faulty wiring is often the culprit behind overall electrical problems as well as a common origin of electrical fires. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Agency, the number one cause of house fires in the US is faulty electrical wiring. Although it’s an integral part of our lives, electrical wiring is often among the most ignored parts of the home because it’s contained within the walls and problems can be difficult to access and troubleshoot without the help of a qualified professional.

MRE wiring and switches

Is your home’s wiring outdated?

If so, it simply won’t be able to handle the amount of electricity that modern homes use and the wires will deteriorate until they cause real trouble. You’ll start to notice irritating problems like blown fuses, and then you’ll begin to encounter more serious, dangerous ones. If you live in an older home and its wiring has not been replaced in recent years, there’s a very good chance that it needs to be. At M.R. Electricians, our experienced electrical contractors are extensively trained to deal with the full spectrum of issues related to wiring. From simple fixes to complete rewiring and renovation, our licensed professionals can do it all.

Are your switches ugly?

Broken, damaged, or overheated switches and receptacles are not only unsightly, they’re potentially hazardous. Many homeowners also have outdated switches, such as non-GFIC outlets and switches in kitchens and bathrooms, which could present a safety issue. The professionals at M.R. Electricians can repair and replace these electrical features quickly and safely. Want to replace that old standard light switch with a dimmer to add ambiance while you save energy? We can perform those light switch upgrades, as well. Whether you’re looking to repair, replace, or improve your home’s switches and receptacles, we can help.

Don’t leave faulty wiring or switches to chance.

Contact M.R. Electricians today and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.


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