We’ll be there from the ground up.

Building your dream home is an exciting prospect. You’ve probably envisioned your beautiful new residence a hundred times. But what you may not have given much thought to are the electrical systems that will provide power for your home sweet home. Electrical new construction services are an important part of the building process, and that’s where we come in. M.R. Electricians has particular expertise in designing and installing whole-home electrical systems. We’re proud to be the contractor of choice for new construction electrical services in the Baltimore-Washington DC region.

MRE couple in their home starting new construction

Big or small, simple or complex, you can rely on us.

The specifics of what electrical components are necessary during a new construction vary greatly depending upon the individualized plan for the dwelling. In most cases, a residential new construction will include electrical services for lighting, outlets, appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, fans, hot water units, home automation systems, and more. From the most basic installation to the most intricate electrical plans, we pursue every project with passion and excellence.

Leave the design process to us.

If you already have the designs finalized, we’ll gladly follow the blueprint to your exact specifications and organize our team to seamlessly integrate with your timetable. At M.R. Electricians, we also have the expertise to aid in the designing process from the outset. We’re happy to review your current drafts and offer suggestions to make the wiring, lighting, and appliance layout more efficient, as well as making it easier for future upgrades, if they become necessary.

Planning ahead pays off big time.

It’s smart to ensure that your new home’s electrical plan includes some well-thought-out features. Incorporating these improvements during your initial construction will save you significant time and money down the road. For example, why not maximize convenience by adding an exterior light switch to the attic or storage area so you don’t have to enter in the dark? You can easily enhance your family’s safety by adding motion-activated lights to the stairway. If savings is important, consider incorporating timer switches to ensure that lights, fans and other appliances are turned off when not in use.

And what about your holiday decorations? Add outlets on mantles, recessed into bookcases, and under the eaves outside. Anywhere you plan to have electric holiday lights, ensure you have a handy outlet nearby.

We’re happy to offer pointers to maximize the long-term value and convenience of your new home’s electrical plan.

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In our many years of experience working with homeowners, we’ve done it all.  

At M. R. Electricians, our team is focused on helping you make the fabulous new home of your dreams a reality. Whether you’re in the early planning stages or need assistance in a hurry, we can help. Contact us today and let’s get started on your castle.


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