Are your electrical wiring and systems safe?

In some cases, your electric panel will spark, and you'll know. Other times, there’s no warning at all. Silent electrical problems can incubate over months and sometimes years. Unassuming wires may harbor rising heat that can catch fire. Unchecked electrical issues can lead to costly damage to your equipment and building. They can also increase personal injury incidents and liability, so preventative maintenance is essential.

We nip electrical issues in the bud.

At M.R. Electricians, we help DC metro area businesses detect wiring issues before they become expensive or life-threatening problems. Our knowledgeable electricians use an infrared camera to scan power panels, walls, and electronics for unusual heat distribution, or "hot spots”. After a thorough investigation, we'll review our findings with you and we’ll show you exactly what we saw. We'll also follow up with a clear and detailed written report of our professional analysis and recommendations. Once your inspection and analysis are complete, we’ll proceed with fixes in the most economical way possible. If we don’t find any issues, we’re happy to tell you so! We take pleasure in being able to offer you peace of mind.

infrared testing

Don’t leave the safety of your work environment in question.

At M.R. Electricians, our Infrared testing service is a fast and easy troubleshooting process that can put your mind at ease.

If you’re seeking a low cost, high-value way to ward off unexpected electrical repairs at your workplace, contact us today.


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