Don’t let your hard work go up in flames.

Fire destroys thousands of businesses each year, costing billions of dollars in property damage, ruined inventory, and lost business opportunities. Disruption to your business such as the loss of data or key equipment can take time to replace or may even be irreplaceable. Consider this sobering statistic: 80% of companies that suffer a major fire close permanently within three years. Installing a quality fire alarm system to protect your hard-earned business assets is one of the best investments you can make.

industrial fire alarm on wall

Protect what matters most.

In the event of a fire, what systems do you have in place to prevent injury to your employees or the loss of life? Helping to protect your workers and customers, as well as your office and plant facilities, from the ravages of fire is a key responsibility of any business owner. Having a properly-installed, regularly-tested and routinely-serviced fire alarm system on your premises provides safety for your employees and visitors, as well as peace of mind.

When it comes to commercial fire alarms system, M.R. Electricians is your one-stop-shop.

From single tenant spaces to massive high rises, we have the depth of experience to install systems of any size. Our highly trained, certified fire alarm systems team can design, install, service, test, and inspect the technologies you need to protect your employees, customers, and assets. We provide expert service for a wide variety of fire alarm systems equipment, including older models that may have hard-to-find replacement parts. Is it time to upgrade your fire alarm? Does your existing system need repairs or maintenance? M.R. Electricians can do that, too. We’re committed to offering high quality, professional service with the utmost integrity and we ensure that every system we design meets national and local code requirements. Let us show you why our commercial fire alarm systems are a great fit for your company.

A fire safety system is your first line of defense against property damage and loss of life.

Turn to M.R. Electricians for all of your fire alarm installation and maintenance needs.

Contact us today to learn more. It’s our privilege to serve you.


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