Is your electric panel telling you it needs more power?

Your electrical system has a way of communicating when it's struggling to keep pace. Ignoring the signs can be costly and even dangerous. Power surges may degrade, damage or destroy electronic equipment. Panels built even a decade ago may not be able to keep pace with your demand for electricity. If you occupy an older building or you have recently renovated, it may be time to have your electrical panel reviewed professionally. When your power wanes, the flow of productivity is interrupted. Other times, electrical problems are not only inconvenient, they can be deadly. Everything from frequent shocks to flickering lights to smoking or melted wires can indicate issues within your breaker box.

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We know commercial power panels.

At M.R. Electricians, we’ve been providing dependable power panel upgrades and replacements for over twenty years.  We’re proud to be the DC metro area's go-to commercial electricians. Our master electricians and trained journeymen have the qualifications, safety procedures, and training needed to inspect, repair, or replace your commercial breaker panel. From maintenance to the installation of a new system, we do it all. Our workers are licensed and insured and will complete your project to code. Your safety and satisfaction are the hallmarks the way we do business and they always will be.

We look to the future.

If you hope to add more workstations to your existing space in five years, let us know. We’ll always consider your future needs when evaluating your system and making recommendations. Ensuring that your system can accommodate future growth will save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

Cost-effective solutions drive the way we do business.

You’ll find our licensed and insured workers to be trustworthy, dependable, and always on the lookout for the most economical way to fix your electrical panel issues. A replacement isn’t always necessary. Based on your panel and your electrical needs, we’ll formulate a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Your safety is important to us.

Never attempt to replace or upgrade your power panel yourself. Only a licensed electrician should inspect, diagnose, and fix your electric panel issues.  The experienced professionals at M.R. Electricians proudly serve Montgomery County, MD and surrounding areas, including Baltimore and Washington, DC.

If you suspect your commercial power source needs an upgrade or replacement, contact us today. It’s always our pleasure to serve you.


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